How to Create Cybersecurity Reports for MSPs

MSPs can utilize a robust cybersecurity report to communicate security information to their clients. These reports can assist clients in reducing their risk of being exposed to cyber-related threats and build trust with their stakeholders. When it comes to preparing cybersecurity reports, there are several best practices that must be followed to effectively communicate security risks to the stakeholders.

A cybersecurity report should begin by identifying the most significant vulnerabilities and their impact on the company. This will help you determine the most important threats and provide your clients with a the most accurate picture of their overall risk.

A best board room providers second aspect is that your cybersecurity report needs to provide insight into the difficulty to exploit each vulnerability. This can be done using metrics like CVSS scores, the number of occurrences, and the length of time the vulnerabilities have been active.

The third point is to include in your cybersecurity report how you are addressing the vulnerabilities which pose the greatest threat to the operations of your client. This can be achieved by providing a brief summary of the remediation actions you’ve undertaken in order to address the risks, and also their effectiveness. It is also crucial to compare the security posture of your client with that of other companies operating in their industry. ConnectWise’s Service Leadership Index is a excellent resource for this.

In short, a cyber board report is a complicated document that takes a lot of time and effort to create. By following these suggestions and utilizing a platform that automates the collection of information from multiple tools, and presents it in a structured manner it can make cyber security reporting more efficient and easy to use.

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