How to Choose the Right Board Member for Your Organization

A solid board of directors is essential to running a successful business or non-profit. The board member must bring a wide range of expertise, knowledge and experiences managing an existing team of employees to the table in order to make the right decisions and plan. They must be able communicate well, stay in contact between meetings, and be proactive when it comes down to fundraising and networking.

When deciding on the best board member for your business, consider a wide range of independent candidates familiar with your industry and who share your vision and mission. They could include trusted mentors like attorneys, CPAs and fellow entrepreneurs. It is important to have board members with prior experience as board members.

During the screening process, make sure that the candidate is interested and committed to becoming a board member. It is a huge responsibility and might not be the best person for all.

It is also important to inquire about their other commitments and be realistic of how much time they are able to dedicate to the board. It’s not efficient to have an unproductive board. busy or not performing.

In general, it’s ideal to have an even number of board members to avoid ties. You need enough board members to ensure quorum, but also to be able to get sound advice without being overwhelmed by too many voices.

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