Board Documents Management Made Easy

managing board documents is a challenge, especially when the documents are shared and distributed across different platforms and devices. If board members have access to a digital board management platform, they can review materials on any device in real time. They can collaborate on the document within committees and in workrooms. They can make notes, communicate with others, and monitor the progress of projects. All this while making sure that the latest version is utilized at meetings. This allows boards to make an informed decision-making and keeps members interested in between meetings.

Additionally, board portals allow meeting organizers to share secure links to meeting materials and agendas directors prior the meeting. This eliminates the need to print and send lengthy, out-of-date documents that can be hard to find in an inbox. Board directors can access and review information related to the agenda item on their tablets, desktops or mobile phones.

In addition, board materials can be saved in one easy-to-use space available at any time between meetings. The board can also use the built-in annotation tool to add notes to their books of materials. These will stay synchronized across their various electronic devices, with the ability to erase any personal notes or annotations. Administrators can also remotely wipe data from the member’s device in case it’s stolen or lost. This protects sensitive information.

Board document management is an essential aspect of the board of directors’ job description, and has never been more important given the current cybersecurity landscape. With the right tools it’s much easier than ever before for directors on boards to keep their directors on the right track and ensure that all of their vital information is secure.

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